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There’s a lot of rules in this world. That’s why we afraid to try. We afraid to make mistakse!  Fuc* the rules. Fuc* the perfect gramatic. Begin new life with a lot of mistakes!!! Leeeetss talk about it on free webinar  “Why some people never change“! Ouuu yes, on Wednesday, August 9th, my friend Olympian, MIT GEB lector Inga Stasiulionyte from Onbotraining will share a secrets how to get your biggest dreams! Register to a free webinar!

Date: Wednesday, August 9th, 2017
Time: 13:00 EST / GMT-7
Duration: 30 minutes 

Presenter: Inga Stasiulionyte


Inga Stasiulionyte is an Olympian athlete and javelin thrower, who was coached by the best coaches in Europe and the U.S. for over 20 years, and competed at the Beijing Olympic Games. Besides developing her career in sports, Inga simultaneously pursued a career in business, working with executives as a brain training coach. Inga’s dream is to provide access to everyone to the knowledge, tools and training that she received in sports that helped her win. Inga is a University of Southern California graduate with a BA degree in Entrepreneurship. She also completed International Business and Global Affairs Master’s studies in the International University of Monaco. She is a mentor and keynote speaker at MIT’s Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Articles by Inga Stasiulionyte: